Mattifying CC Cream Microbiom Protect


Gerovital Plant 2019  -30ml

(€31,63 / 100 ml)

The Gerovital Plant “Colour Control” Cream gives the complexion a natural look using a single formula that combines effective active ingredients with natural pigments. The result: healthier, less reactive and more protected skin.

  • 94% natural origin ingredients
  • Mattifying effect
  • Medium colour
  • Normal Skin
  • Poliplant Microbiom Protect
Direction for use:
Action: Face care
Age: 25+ 30+ 35+
Skin type: Normal skin
Use: day time
Gerovital Plant range: over 90% natural ingredients + natural microbial protection.
The microbiome is one of a kind and specific to each individual and it is vital for a good skin metabolic functioning. It helps the immune system and it protects the body against harmful bacteria.


Active ingredients:

The Poliplant Microbiom Protect complex prevents microbial imbalances on the surface of the skin and improves the barrier function for a harmoniously balanced complexion.

The remaining 6% of the ingredients guarantee proper preservation of the formula.

Directions for use:
Apply uniformly to the face, neck, and chest. Greater coverage is obtained by applying an additional layer.


The CC Cream offers multiple benefits: it reduces the appearance of skin imperfections, mattifies and smoothes the skin’s texture whilst protecting against the aggression of external agents.



30, 32, 34, 36


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