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Just like artistic currents, beauty is transposed over years, in more and more expressive forms, according to the century when they are shaped. Beauty canons change at an extremely rapid pace but there are things that resist over times, just like precious art objects. The tradition of more than 120 years of existence of Farmec, as we are known by the friends of our products – has shown that there are some things beyond beauty.

Charm may be expressed in thousands of ways, it pushes through all the rules and it does not want to be defined as everyone finds his or her own meaning. From the fascination of a smile, of a glance, of a warm voice to a colour or a colour palette and an amalgam of perfumes.

When we created Farmec products, we didn’t think of rules, of how to get fuller lips, darker skin and perfect symmetries, we’ve thought about you and your natural beauty.

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