Antiperspirant Delights Gerovital H3


Gerovital H3 Classic – 150ml

DELIGHTS Anti-perspirant product Prof. Dr. Ana  Aslan Gerovital H3 has a delicate skin formula, offers increased protection against perspiration, a comfortable feeling of soft skin.
Perfume gradually evolving.
Efficient protection 24h.
No stains.
0% Ethyl Alcohol.

Usage details:
Action: Antiperspirant body care Use:

Gerovital H3 antiperspirants are specially designed for people with heavy sweating. At the level of the axillary skin, they absorb the moisture of the skin and help reduce perspiration and unpleasant odors.
Active ingredient
It contains a perfume that gradually evolves throughout the day, starts with fresh, citrus notes, turns into sweet aldehyde notes, then ends with powdery, woody notes.
 Way of ussage:
Shake before use!
Spray from a distance of 15 cm directly on the skin!
Allow the product to dry completely before dressing!
Provides antiperspirant protection throughout the day.
Do not leave traces on clothes.


Black, Blue, Brown, Red


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