Hyaluronic Acid Serum 6% Gerovital H3 Evolution


Gerovital H3 Evolution -10ml
(€250 / 100 ml)

It is a serum rich in pure and liposomal 6% hyaluronic acid, liposomal vitamin C, SOD, GP4G and Trylagen with anti-aging, wrinkle filling and smoothing effects, restoring skin barrier function and intense hydration.

Dermatological tested.

Directions for use:

Action: Skin care Moisturizing Anti-wrinkle Anti-age Special care

Age: 30+ 35+ 45+ 55 +

Skin type: For all skin types
Usage:day time night time


Direction for use:
Serum concentrated with Hyaluronic Acid 6% is a serum rich in hyaluronic acid of low and high molecular weight, which acts to reduce wrinkles both inside and on the surface of the skin.
The complex of ingredients in the composition of the serum provides intense hydration, anti-wrinkle action and anti-blemishes for all skin types.
 Active ingredient:
Pure Hyaluronic Acid has intensely moisturizing effects by acting dual, by restoring water reserves to the surface of the skin and reducing transsepidermal water loss. Liposomes with Hyaluronic Acid penetrate the skin and fill the wrinkles inside, thus wrinkles and fine lines being greatly diminished.
Along with SOD, Vitamin C is one of the most powerful and efficient natural antioxidants known, contributing to the blockage of oxidative reactions and the destructive processes caused by them. Helps inhibit the formation of excess melanin by attenuating existing pigment stains and preventing the appearance of new ones.
Lipocervite C strengthens the skin’s barrier function by restoring the hydro-lipid layers and increasing its water retention capacity.
 Way of usage:
It is used in the morning and in the evening, applying two to three drops on the face after it has been cleansed and toned. It is associated with the daily maintenance cream.
Avoid contact with eyes! For external use only!

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